Maryland Historical Society

Project: The Hilgenberg Archive

Primary media: Bound-book and loose sheet newspapers and 35 mm microfilm

Volume: Approximately 50,000 pages/images


A generous grant from the Charles Edward Hilgenberg Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation and the support of Mr. John Hilgenberg and family allowed the Maryland Historical Society (MDHS) the opportunity to digitize their collection of Der Deutsche Correspondent – a German-language newspaper in print from 1841 through 1918. The MDHS collection included 98 bound volumes of Der Deutsche Correspondent, totaling 84,000 pages – by far the most substantial collection of the newspaper. One of the primary goals of the conversion project was to provide web-based access to Der Deutsche Correspondent via digitization.

For a detailed and interesting history on this project, visit the blog written by Jenny Ferretti, digitization coordinator and Hilgenberg Archive project manager at the Maryland Historical Society