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The Importance of Building a Sustainable Scanner

An InoTec GmbH White Paper The Crowley Company has been fortunate to work with several long-term partners that develop some of the world’s most respected scanners. Our partner selection is based on many factors, some of which include quality of product, pricing, market needs and – perhaps most importantly – the ability to think ahead. The forward-thinking that we seek applies to technology, obviously, but also to how the partner conducts business. This following is an edited version of a study…

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The Down Low on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Part 2

  In last week’s blog, we set forth the premise that not all scanners are created equal. There is much more to consider at purchase than the quoted price. After more than three decades of selling and manufacturing digital and analog imaging systems, The Crowley Company has developed a three-point system for clients to discover the true cost of hardware ownership: accuracy, productivity and the true total cost. We discussed accuracy – how well the scanner or equipment performs to…

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