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Digitized Diaries Bring Arkansan Icon to Life

Oh, the lure of a diary. As an avid reader and writer, I’ve often tried to keep one. As a procrastinator and control freak, I don’t make it beyond a week. The commitment to a daily routine and the fear that my secrets (do I have any?) and frank admissions (too many!) would be misconstrued when I can no longer provide context…well, I just can’t. I’m grateful that not everyone feels the same or we would have little to no personal insight…

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Zeutschel Ps and Qs at Maine State Library

The Zeutschel OS Q Scanner adds Production Capabilities to Maine State Library’s Digital Preservation Program A few weeks past, The Crowley Company hosted a series of well-attended Zeutschel OS Q online demo events to introduce this impressive A0-A2 overhead and cultural heritage scanner series to an audience that is still largely non-traveling. One of the highlights of the event was a live use-case discussion with Adam Fisher, Director of Collections, Digital Initiatives and Promotion for the Maine State Library (MSL). Interviewed…

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Goldilocks and the Three Scanners: How to Tell Which Overhead Scanning System is “Just Right”

  As far as making choices go, Goldilocks had it easy. All her options were laid out in front of her to simply eat, sit and sleep her way to finding which porridge, chair and bed best fit her needs. If all options were laid out before us when faced with making a comparative choice, finding the best fit for any consumer would be as easy as savoring perfectly-tempered porridge. Alas, within the document scanning market – in this case…

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