Scanner Comparisons Lead to Measurable ROI

Crowley's new white paper, authored by industry expert Bob Zagami, gives examples of successful ROI measurement for owners of Mekel Technology microfilm and microfiche scanners.
Crowley’s new Mekel Technology white paper shares successful ROI measurements from several Mekel scanner owners.

Two weeks ago, I read an insightful blog post by ECM Connection executive editor Ken Congdon. The topic was how to manage end-of-life scanning hardware. It was written on the premise that as technology advances, older scanners – which are still productive but are no longer produced – may outlive their spare parts inventory and maintenance options. The article contained three main bits of advice: don’t roll the dice; plan for the inevitable; and consider leasing and outsourcing as a viable option.

As I read, it reinforced for me the importance of doing your homework (or not rolling the dice) when searching for a scanner replacement or when purchasing a new scanner.

Research Pays

Imaging industry expert Bob Zagami recently authored a white paper for The Crowley Company addressing the topic of ROI measurables. The paper, which highlights Crowley-manufactured Mekel Technology microfilm and microfiche scanners, follows several organizations which did their homework by comparing microfilm scan systems prior to purchase. Throughout the paper, service bureaus Mountain States Imaging and ImageSource, Inc. discuss their purchase strategies and how they each compared brands to make informed decisions.

These organizations were able to show how their production measurements went far beyond the standard marketing claims of “ppm” (pages per minute) or “ipm” (images per minute). To be fair, these are important measurements and tools that we use in our marketing; they are, however, only a small portion of the overall efficiency of a scanner and cannot be isolated. Overall scanner efficiency is what translates into dollars saved.

“We are saving $144.00 per day, per person, since installing Mekel products.” – Ryan Ivie, ImageSource, Inc.

For MSI, the purchase of MACH7 microfiche scanners resulted in 25% more images per shift, 25% less conversion time and 25% more revenue. Using Mekel Technology MACH-series microfilm scanners, ImageSource saves an estimated $38,000 per scanner operator per year. Both scanner types operate with Mekel’s Quantum scanning and processing software suite which was cited as adding a dimension to the scan systems that is hard to beat. Other organizations, such as the Maryland State Archives, point to an improved quality control process using Quantum software.

If you are in the market for a scanner – any scanner – I encourage you to take a minute to read this white paper. Discover how other end-users measure scanner efficiency and why they are choosing Mekel Technology scanners for their microfilm collections.

And If You Can’t Buy…

We understand that not every project or IT environment merits a scanner purchase. To Congdon’s third point – “consider leasing and outsourcing as a viable option” – The Crowley Company offers both possibilities via our scanner leasing program and Crowley Imaging, our own service bureau.

If you are interested in either option or in scheduling a scanner demo so that you can compare for yourself, please call (240) 215-0224.


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