Crowley Signs Worldwide Equipment Distributor Agreement with EPM Equipment,LLC

Frederick, Maryland and Dallas, Texas – Christopher Crowley, president of The Crowley Company, and William Oates, owner of Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc. (EPM), announce they have reached an agreement to combine experience and talents in EPM Equipment, LLC (EPME), an equipment-focused EPM wholly-owned subsidiary.  The agreement is effective immediately; the transition of equipment, sales, procedures and policies is expected to take several months.

“In a nutshell,” says Crowley, “The Crowley Company has agreed to act as the worldwide sales and marketing arm for EPM Equipment LLC, which currently includes the IMAGELINK (formerly Kodak) brand of archive writer, archive processor and digital microfilm scanners. In this capacity, we will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities and the strengthening and growth of current and future EPME channels worldwide.”

“The Crowley Company has been a steady force in the micrographics industry for more than three decades,” notes Oates. “They have held their own against stiff competition and have continued to grow through intelligent equipment selection, unique service offerings, exclusive distributorships, progressive manufacturing, timely acquisitions and by leveraging their in-depth knowledge of this very niche industry. Their expertise and passion for preservation, combined with our own, should quickly elevate EPME into a firm that is respected by a global clientele for supplying the best micrographic materials and equipment for critical record protection.”

Possible future plans include an expansion of micrographic scanner product lines to include new microform scanning equipment (microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, multi-media) and other digital and analog micrographic equipment.

About Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc.
Eastman Park Micrographics was formed in April 2011 upon the purchase of the micrographic business from Eastman Kodak Company, including: the worldwide customer base for equipment, film and service; the exclusive multi-year worldwide distribution rights for Kodak microfilm; and the ongoing rights to manufacture and sell former branded Kodak micrographics equipment.  EPM now markets its media and equipment under its trademark IMAGELINK brand name.  EPM’s mission is to develop and supply the microfilm materials, equipment and service to address the needs of the preservation market worldwide.  In January 2013, EPM entered into a long-term worldwide master supply agreement with Agfa to provide additional IMAGELINK-branded micrographics and photo chemicals to the market.

About EPM Equipment, LLC
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc., EPM Equipment Inc. provides IMAGELINK-brand micrographic scanning equipment, software and technical support to clients around the world.

IMAGELINK™ is a trademark of Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc.