Crowley Partners with, Represents, Certifi Pedigree®

Frederick, Maryland, USA – Patrick Crowley, co-owner and vice president of The Crowley Company, announces that the firm has chosen to use and represent Certifi-Media’s groundbreaking image processing program, Certifi Pedigree®. This decision follows more than a year of partnering with Certifi Media, Inc. (Certifi) of Rochester, NY as a robust beta test site. “Our commercial service bureau, Crowley Imaging, has served as an incubator for the metamorphosis of Certifi Pedigree® from a respected quality analysis tool to what we believe is the most sophisticated image processing tool available today,” says Crowley. “Having utilized and assisted in its development, we’re now very excited to offer this software to our hardware clients as well.”Ideally suited for archives, libraries, service bureaus and universities, Certifi Pedigree® offers booksplitter, auto-cropping, auto-deskew and auto-tone technologies. Designed for Windows and Vista, the program also monitors quality metrics in real time and securely embeds the metrics in each file.

certifi-logo-lgChris Honsinger, CEO of Certifi, notes that the partnership has been invaluable. “Crowley Imaging performs a wide variety of digital and analog conversion services for some of the most prestigious organizations in the archival and records management arenas. The diversity of material digitized… including centuries-old bound materials and microform in varying conditions…coupled with a high-level of client imaging requirements created a challenging environment and the ideal breeding ground in which to refine Certifi Pedigree® into an extremely advanced processing program. Pedigree® can stand alone or work in conjunction with other native programs, such as Zeutschel’s Perfect Book curvature correction software, which is found on many of Crowley’s book scanners.”

“Certifi Pedigree® starts where other programs leave off,” notes Matthew McCabe, Crowley vice president of business development. “While most processing programs indigenous to a specific scanner are sufficient for typical business documents, archival preservation scanning often requires advanced techniques. Certifi employs exclusive image enhancement algorithms to handle the most difficult crop, rotate, deskew, book split and other requirements. From a hardware standpoint, having a program such as Certifi Pedigree® adds value to a client’s initial investment.”

In addition to extending image quality capabilities, Pat Crowley notes that the program has increased operator efficiency by as much as 50%, leading to reduced labor costs. “Certifi Pedigree® has the ability to process two pages of a bound book into a single frame and then separate those pages after the scanning phase. This means that the operator has to worry less about perfect placement on the scanner during the initial capture, saving time as well as reducing the need for re-scans and significantly increasing overall productivity.”

With three decades of experience in imaging at the highest levels, Bill Cunningham, director of conversion services for Crowley Imaging notes that “Certifi Pedigree® has more image processing features than any other software I’ve used. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of its capabilities and are looking forward to delving further into the color target and quality assurance aspects of the software. It’s enriching to be a part of Certifi Pedigree’s® continuing development while simultaneously taking advantage of its positive impact on both our workflow operations and our clients images.”

About Certifi

Certifi Media, Inc., prepares documents for forever. Certifi is focused on workflow efficiency as well as providing innovative automation technologies to the processing chain. Certifi’s developers have over sixty patents in imaging technology.