Crowley Debuts Production-Volume Document Scanner at info360

Frederick, Maryland – The next generation of InoTec SCAMAX document scanners will debut in the United States at the info360 event on June 13 and 14 at the Javits Center in New York City in Booth 445. The innovative production scanner features four performance levels and a CCD linescan 600 dpi camera, offering a high level of productivity and image quality. The environmentally-friendly SCAMAX 4×3 is designed to be used long after the usual depreciation period. Matthew McCabe, vice president of business development for The Crowley Company states, “As the exclusive North American distributor for InoTec over the past four years, we have seen an enormous evolution in the SCAMAX series for those in need of a 24/7 scanning workhorse. The InoTec scanners don’t quit and the consumable costs are almost nothing – all ideal for corporate, legal and medical records management as well as archival document capture.”

About the SCAMAX 4×3

SCAMAX 4×3 scanners are available in simplex or duplex versions with bitonal or color models, scanning up to 170 pages/340 images per minute. Additionally, InoTec’s Perfect Document Technology has been expanded with some very practical functions, such as automatic blank page recognition and a unique feeder system. The hardware and software options promote increased productivity and provide universal digitizing solutions for varying centralized processing requirements. “The SCAMAX 4×3 scanner series covers a wide performance spectrum and enables use of just one scanner for many application needs, whether it be mail room, branch or department level records capture,” explains Peter Schnautz, CEO of InoTec GmbH. He continues, “The SCAMAX flexibility lowers costs with its multiple functions and abbreviated time and effort in installation, operation and maintenance.”

About InoTec Perfect Document Technology; High OCR Accuracy

InoTec’s Perfect Document Technology (PDT) increases the efficency of digitization processes by performing important workflow components within the scanner. It encompasses total image processing, including deskew and cropping, gamma correction, digital color filtering and multi-streaming to output color, grayscale and bitonal images. The automatic blank page detection recognizes and discards blank pages immediately. The new ‘snipping’ function is ideal for forms processing. It allows definition of a specific area on the document, which is then output as a sub-image. A pertinent example is an electronic health care card – text information is read from the entire bitonal image, as has always been the case, but now the photo of the applicant can be scanned and output in color as a sub-image. “Perfect Document Technology, coupled with InoTec’s high quality cameras, provides for such a dramatic improvement to image quality that we have found OCR accuracy is now off the charts,” states McCabe. He continues, “InoTec’s on-board processors allows for PDT’s image enhancement to be done in hardware, resulting in amazing quality at full throttle, allowing for 300 dpi resolution at 200 dpi throughput rates.”

Environmentally Responsible

InoTec’s self-named ‘Holistic Green Concept’ is evident in the SCAMAX 4×3, which is designed to be environment- and resource-friendly throughout its entire life cycle, starting with product design and carrying through the entire manufacturing process. All SCAMAX models are designed to be used long after the usual depreciation period and are nearly 100 percent recyclable. The scanners are also produced with minimal environmental impact.

About InoTec

InoTec GmbH optimizes business processes with technically precise and reliable document scanners made in Germany. InoTec scanners are used for high volume scanning wherever vast amounts of documents have to be scanned and optimum reliability is a key requirement. Scanner throughput ranges from 90 images per minute simplex up to 460 images per minute in duplex. InoTec ensures worldwide service through distribution partners in every corner of the world.