Crowley Company to Showcase MACHCAM 71MP Camera at AIA Vision Show

Frederick, Md. and Boston, Ma. – The MACHCAM 71MP camera made its first public appearance in 2016 at Boston’s AIA Vision Show. Two years later, the MACHCAM is an established option for both machine vision and cultural heritage applications and will again be showcased at the Vision Show. Beginning Tuesday, April 10th and running through Thursday, April 12th, the MACHCAM 71 will be featured in Booth 534.

About the MACHCAM 71

Engineered by The Crowley Company, the MACHCAM 71 megapixel camera offers an expanded field of view which can eliminate or lessen the need for photo stitching, resulting in clear, accurate images for quality inspection and other applications.

Engineered by The Crowley Company and using a CHR70M sensor, the MACHCAM 71MP camera is a 71 megapixel area array camera designed specifically for applications which require high resolution to capture the finest details.

For machine vision applications, to which audience the AIA Vision Show caters, these can include:

  • LCD/PCB Inspection
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Packaging and Inspection
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Military and Law Enforcement Security

Richard Jackson, Crowley senior business development specialist, notes that “the MACHCAM 71MP camera is now embedded in a wide variety of applications worldwide. There are MACHCAM 71’s in drones, on line for PC board inspections, in medical laboratories for glass inspection and DNA analysis, in meteorology centers and in security settings. Every request we get is exciting because each application is slightly different than the last. Some of the orders are one-offs; others are for large quantities. There is definitely a market for high-resolution cameras in industrial settings.”

Christopher Crowley, president of The Crowley Company, agrees, saying that “because the uses are so varied, our goal is simply to provide a quality camera at an affordable price that end-users or other manufacturers can customize.”

Crowley continues, “I think the beauty of the MACHCAM 71 is that it packs a big punch in a small body [less than 4” square]. Delivered with a Pleora software development kit, the MACHCAM can be integrated into custom imaging solutions. The larger capture area or field of view means that images don’t have to be stitched together – resulting in a more accurate picture and the need for one camera instead of four or more lower-resolution cameras.” It’s an inspection camera that packs a punch.

Next generation MACHCAM cameras

Now USB 3.0 compatible, the MACHCAM 71 pairs with Cognex/VisionPro and other key industry software. Future generations of the MACHCAM to be delivered later this year will include an external trigger, setting memory and camera link interface.

Additionally, The Crowley Company was named a Canon U.S.A., Inc. Visionary this year for its future engineering of a MACHCAM 120MP camera utilizing Canon’s 120 megapixel image sensor. A mock-up of the MACHCAM 120 will be in the Crowley Vision Show booth.

“A Canon visionary is an outside partner with whom we’re working to maximize the end-use of a Canon product,” defines Michael Simmons, a Canon process technology supervisor. “In this case, The Crowley Company is exploring the development of Canon’s 120 MP image sensor into a high-resolution camera suitable for the digitization of cultural heritage archives.” Canon U.S.A., Inc. will be in Booth 805 at the AIA Vision Show.

For a full list of the MACHCAM 71 current features, click on the spec sheet.

To demo

The MACHCAM 71 will be available for demonstration in Booth 534. Cameras are also available for on-site testing with some restrictions; call 240.215.0224 for details.


About The Crowley Company

The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital imaging technologies and services, manufacturing and utilizing front-end capture systems for the purposes of archival preservation and records management.

About AIA Vision Show

Sponsored by AIA, the world’s largest global vision and imaging trade group serving more than 360 member companies from 32 countries, The Vision Show is North America’s leading showcase of machine vision and imaging components and solutions. In addition to the showcase, the accompanying conference features practical, real-world training and certification for vision professionals.