Introducing the USCAN+, the only Universal Scanner with USB3 Capability

The Crowley Company is very excited to introduce the UScan+ and its brand new Patron software package at next week’s American Library Association MidWinter Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, PA. The original UScan Universal Film (UF) scanner was released in June 2012 and was quickly embraced by end-users – particularly libraries – for its small footprint, affordable pricing and user simplicity.

“This next generation is the result of customer feedback and their desire for additional features,” explains The Crowley Company president Christopher Crowley. “We’ve completed beta testing and have just shipped our first units to Japan, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia, South Africa and throughout the United States.”

Click here for UScan+ features and specifications. Watch the video below to see the original UScan UF-Series in action.

Want to try the UScan+ for yourself? The microfilm scanner will be available for hands-on demos at the ALA Annual Conference next week, January 24-28 in Philadelphia, PA.

Is the UScan+ Right for Your Business or Library?

“For a potential purchaser, the key features of the UScan+ are its flexibility to perform as either a reader or a full-fledged scanner, its operational simplicity, its ability to scan quality images in bitonal, grayscale or color and its budget-friendliness,” says Crowley. Libraries and businesses cite the following reasons for their UF-series purchases:

  1. Upgrade A Microfilm Reader:  Many institutions are still using an old microfilm reader and technology dictates an upgrade to the UScan+. While these old scanners allow users to access microfilm, they are extremely inefficient. Users have to “request a roll of microfilm and manually pull or roll the reel through the viewer in order to find, for example, an old newspaper article. Once the information is located, handwritten notes are the most common take-home format,” explains Crowley vice president Matthew McCabe of these older units. “Additionally, these aging scanners are almost impossible to repair. Parts, consumables and supplies are no longer available because the scanners are no longer in production.”
  2. Easily Share Images: The UScan+ allows users to easily digitize, save and share images. All that is required to share is a USB, an email address, a network or cloud storage.
  3. Progressive Technology: The UScan+ takes reader/scanner engineering to the next level, offering touchscreen operation, multiple output options, color digitization and many other editing and scanning features.
  4. Ease of Use: End-users are not always familiar with microfilm readers and scanners. “Not everyone is a trained capture specialist,” says McCabe. “Some may be new to microfilm but not to the touch and gestures of today’s tablets, PC’s and smart phones.” The UScan+ allows today’s tech-savvy users to walk up, insert the microform media of choice and begin reading or scanning without delay.
  5. Universal Scanner: As a universal scanner, the UScan+ can read and digitize from microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, photographic negatives, slides and all other microforms.
  6. USB3 Capability: The USCAN+ is the only universal scanner on the market today with USB3 capability, which Kevin Keeler, Crowley vice president of research and development, calls “one of our primary competitive advantages.”

“This is a unit that has value far beyond price,” explains Crowley. “It is a useful tool for walk-up patrons who want to view a library’s microform archives. When patrons have a way to marry the history they’re seeking with today’s technology, it’s a win for the researcher and for the library. Likewise, for a business, the UScan+ allows those with a small volume or wide variety of microform to make the images accessible throughout the office, enhancing overall data search efficiency.”

The UScan Universal Film Series offers a RapidScan batch scanning option which is suitable for low-volume scanning of complete rolls of microfilm and also an OCR option, which can make digitized files fully text-searchable in more than 200 languages.

UScan+ Universal Film ScannerHow can a UScan+ Help Your Business?

A major U.S. food producer was using an archaic document reader to access engineering drawings. The reader was bulky, had poor resolution, was unable to output to modern formats and was simply outdated. They recently purchased a UScan microform scanner designed by The Crowley Company’s Wicks and Wilson division.

Utilizing the UScan, the firm is now able to easily retrieve and archive key engineering drawings and has found additional uses for the system. Read the full case study.

Questions about the UScan+?

If you have any questions about the UScan+ and how it can best enhance your library, archive or corporate microform access and digitization efforts, please contact The Crowley Company at (240) 215-0224.

General inquiries can be emailed to [email protected]. You can also follow The Crowley Company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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