Confidentiality: When Privacy Gets in the Way of a Good Business Story

I hate secrets. I especially hate when someone tells me a secret. If I can’t talk about it, what good is it?

We hate when we can't talk about a good success story but we respect our client's right to privacy.
Respecting a client’s right to privacy sometimes means leaving a good story on the table.

By nature and by profession as Crowley’s Director of Communications, I am a sharer of information. So imagine my frustration when I find out that Crowley Imaging has just scanned _______ images (How many? Seriously?) of _______ (Are you kidding me?? These are the most amazing images I’ve ever seen!) for _______ (What do you mean I can’t use their prestigious name??). Or that we’ve just sold multiple high-speed microfilm scanners to_______ to digitize their incredible collection of_______.  Oh, the stories I could tell. Oh the stories I can’t tell.

  • 120M images scanned in six months (not a typo…but I can’t talk about it)
  • 40M images for a premier archival institution (can’t talk about it)
  • Thousands of daily claims processed (can’t talk about it)
  • Forensic slides (eew…can’t talk about it)
  • Early contracts of famous musicians (dirt cheap…can’t talk about it)
  • OSHA records (safety first…can’t talk about it)
  • Underground engineering plans (you’d be surprised what’s underground…can’t talk about it)
  • Ivy League collections (heavy competition…can’t talk about it)
  • 60 MACH2+ microform scanners out the door to a single client (can’t talk about it)
  • …and the list I can’t talk about goes on…

The upside? After 35 years in the industry, our partners and clients know that they can trust The Crowley Company. It doesn’t matter if the subject matter is interesting or one-of-a-kind. It doesn’t matter if the cost-to-scan benefits prove that a product or project has paid for itself ten times over. When it comes to our clients, “can’t discuss” means “can’t discuss.” We have security clearance and we know how to use it.

Have a project you can’t discuss?

If you have a sensitive collection that needs to be digitized or archived to microfilm, you can trust The Crowley Company to handle the conversion services or equipment solutions with complete privacy…even if it hurts my marketing sensibilities. For an imaging estimate or scanner demonstration, call (240) 215-0224 or email us at [email protected].

The Crowley Company is a full-solution imaging partner. From micrographics equipment and microfilm to desktop and production scanners to patron systems and conversion services, The Crowley Company has aided records managers, archivists, librarians, researchers, students and others throughout the world with archival preservation, records management and digitization solutions.

UScanCheri Baker, Crowley’s Director of Communications, has a career that spans the realms of agency and corporate communications. She’s a firm believer in common sense, good grammar, nice manners and a bit of fun. Find Cheri Baker on Google+

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