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Life in the Fast (Scanning) Lane: Digitizing History Rapidly with the UScan+

If there is one thing you can say about Kenneth Shelton, it is that he is passionate about history . . . specifically, the history of his family’s hometown in South Carolina. This was remarkably clear to me when I first read about the volunteer scanning work Ken has been doing for the Fairfield County South Carolina Museum and Historical Society. We’re celebrating American Archives Month by sharing the story of Ken’s digitization efforts and dedication to preserving the past….

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Clarity Matters: UScan+ HD, A High Res Look at Image Quality

As a culture, we value high definition (HD) image resolution. An anthropological study has yet to be done on the societal importance of advanced image quality (I think) but the fact remains that HD is now a common feature in several industries worldwide. Products ranging from televisions to sunglasses are equipped with high-resolution options. Consumers demand information immediately and in outstanding quality. Call it another brick in the wall of our societies’ obsession with perfection but the higher the resolution, the…

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