Capturing all of this information at registration was cumbersome and Life Healthcare wanted to speed up the process while still guaranteeing that the data was captured accurately. In addition, there was not a great deal of space in the hospital’s registration areas so any equipment procured had to be compact.

Avision for Life Healthcare case study

Avision Button Manager Software

Avision Scanning Software

Save to the Application of Your Choice with a Single Touch

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With the simple touch of a button on the scanner, Avision Button Manager provides an easy way to scan documents and link the scanned image to a designated software application. Avision Button Manager comes standard on all Crowley-distributed Avision document scanners.

Scan Button Management Software
Avision Scanning Software

Single Step Scan and Save

Avision Button Manager allows complex scanning in a single step. Simply press the desired output button and the scanner will automatically scan your documents and convert them to searchable PDF (or other image format) and send the image to the designated folder or other application (e-mail, printer or other custom software applications). The typical step-by-step procedure is replaced with a single touch of the scanner button.