The Importance of Trade Shows


Why The Crowley Company attends trade shows across the globe

In 2013, The Crowley Company attended 16 trade shows across the globe, starting with CeBit in Hannover, Germany and ending with MARAC The Importance of Trade Showsin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year, we expect to attend or be represented at more than 25 international, national and regional events (see our 2014 schedule, which will be continuously updated throughout the year). Why does Crowley make this significant financial and manpower investment?

In the micrographics and digital imaging industries, the importance of trade shows cannot be overstated, especially for a company like ours. The Crowley Company is a unique blend of manufacturer, distributor and service bureau. In some cases, our vertical markets are the same, in others, very different. In all cases, clients and customers need to touch, see and compare and it makes sense to be where customers and competitors are gathering.

At trade shows, prospects can participate in hands-on demonstrations of scanning equipment and talk to representatives about digitizing their collections to discover the best solution for their specific needs. A client who may think they need to buy a scanner might find that outsourcing the material to Crowley Imaging is more efficient or cost-saving. Or the reverse – a client with a small collection or budget may not realize that due to advances in technology, there are now very affordable options for in-house digitization or records management. Additionally, a client may be considering two competitive options and a trade show gives them a chance to compare the units side-by-side.

Trade shows allow Crowley representatives to personally connect with our end-users – librarians, archivists, county clerks, records managers and others. Trade shows not only further company/brand recognition and allow us to foster personal relationships across the world, but also serve to improve the products and services we offer. The feedback we receive at trade shows is used to continuously improve our complete array of manufactured equipment and imaging services to help us better meet client requirements, which are constantly in flux. In several cases, such as the engineering of the UScan Universal Film Series, a product is developed to specifically meet consumer demands.

Trade shows have proven, for Crowley, to be a valuable tool for meeting potential clients, generating leads, networking, increasing brand awareness, and improving our product and service line.

General Trade Show Statistics

  1. Sales Leads: Trade shows can be a great way to generate sales leads for a business. The attendees are typically in your industry or a related industry and are interested in what you have to say. You have the opportunity to turn this interest into a qualified lead. According to data from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 70% of trade show attendees plan to buy one or more products, 76% ask for quotes and 26% sign purchase orders on the spot.
  2. Cost Effective Sales: According to CEIR, it costs 22% less to contact a potential buyer at a trade show than through traditional sales calls.
  3. Networking: Trade shows are valuable networking opportunities, bringing together people and businesses in your industry regionally or worldwide.
  4. Feedback: Trade shows give your representatives the opportunity to connect with the people, businesses, and organizations that regularly use your products and services. This gives you the opportunity to receive feedback directly from clients and prospective clients.
  5. Brand Awareness: Trade shows are great tools to help you grow your brand. According to CEIR, 87% of attendees pass along some of the information they obtain at the show and 64% will tell at least six other people about it.
  6. Introduce Products and Services: Trade shows are a proven place to introduce a new product or service. These shows allow opportunities for mass promotion, for unveiling your new product directly to the people who need it and for gauging their immediate response.

Questions about where to find us at trade shows this year?

If you have any questions about our trade shows, please visit our calendar. If you aren’t planning to attend trade shows this year, we’re always happy to make office calls. Just contact The Crowley Company at (240) 215-0224.

General inquiries can be emailed to [email protected]. You can also follow The Crowley Company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Cheri BakerCheri Baker, Crowley’s former Director of Communications, has retired but retains her love for writing and all things Crowley. With a career that spans newspaper, agency and corporate communications, her goal remains to dig behind the scenes and tell the story - whatever it may be. Find Cheri Baker on LinkedIn+


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