Providing maximum access to the collections was – and is – key to achieving the Smithsonian Archives of American Art’s goal of becoming the premier resource on art history for researchers, historians and the public.

"Capturing the History of American Art for Public Access" case study (Imaging Services)

Sharing Private Collections With The World

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Private Collection Imaging Services2024 Platinum Multi-Year AwardCrowley’s Digitization Services has had the privilege of digitizing and preserving a wealth of images over the years. We are at times awed, amazed, inspired and heartbroken by the media and records entrusted to us for scanning, digitizing and archiving. Awed each time we open a box of glass plate negatives. Amazed at the perfect penmanship in an 1800’s records book.  Inspired by a key moment in history captured on a photographic negative. Heartbroken by photos and personal letters from the Holocaust.

Fortunately for the world, many of Crowley’s conversion projects have been to grant free public access to what was once a private collection.

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