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Endless Love: Digitizing the Herbst Love Letters

A Tale of Preservation and Family in Honor of National Grandparent’s Day. The letters of Gene and Margaret (Maggie) Herbst have traveled far and wide in the name of love. Through 250 handwritten letters, the couple shared tales of their adolescence, war, happiness and longing. In more recent years, the letters have helped their grandson Eric form a relationship with the grandfather he never met. In celebration of National Grandparent’s Day, The Crowley Company is sharing the story of the cherished…

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The Marine and the Microfiche: Preserving 20 Years of Service

After one conversation with retired United States Marine Corps (USMC) Gunnery Sergeant Joseph Wilk, it was evident that his time in the military was filled with valuable life lessons and experiences. These experiences will be passed down for generations through his impressive storytelling skills (to which I bear witness), but also through the preservation of his military records from microfiche. This Veteran’s Day we take the time to shine a light on Wilk’s service and the journey to digitize his…

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Dear Mother: A Look at WWII Through the Eyes of One Family

Many stories of heroism and national pride are brought back from war. More often than not, the airwaves are filled with the loudest stories: soldiers bravely flying the skies, nurses fighting the needs of their own bodies to save others and great minds working to break enemy codes. The quieter stories of everyday life during wartime are often overlooked, but are just as heroic. Such is the case with the Minker family of Wilmington, Delaware. Their story is one told…

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Digitized Propaganda Posters Bring Wartime to Life

As we looked for just the right Crowley tie-in with Monday’s Veterans Day celebration, we came across the following webpage from Washington State University (WSU). The page, which features WSU Libraries Digital Collections, discusses the digitization of propaganda posters from the World Wars. These posters are a unique reminder of a time when the sacrifices of war extended beyond the battlefield to each citizen’s front door. They also remind us at Crowley how grateful we are to those who serve…

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