The Document Archive Writer does a beautiful job of logically ordering and indexing our documents. We can now group images in an intelligent manner. This whole system has made it so much easier for us to record, verify and safeguard all our documents.

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Archive Writers

The Long-Term Preservation Solution for Digital Files

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Zeutschel OP 800 Archive Writer

Zeutschel OP-Series Archive Writers

  • 16/35 mm microfilm, landscape and portrait
  • Maximum 289.6 megapixel optical resolution (OP 800 HR)
  • Accepts all standard file formats, including: TIFF, JPEG, JP2, PDF and many more
  • High-resolution microfilm b&w, grayscale (halftone) or color
  • Color enhancement via integrated ICC conform color management
  • Film capacity up to 600 m
  • Wide range of image processing tools for perfect file conversion in batch mode
  • Automatic metadata fade-in

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Microfilm is currently the longest-lasting archive medium available, retaining its quality – when well-preserved – for an estimated 500 years. Archive writers allow users to easily and quickly protect valuable artwork and documents for centuries by converting digital file formats to microfilm for long-term analog preservation.