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The great thing about being in marketing and PR for The Crowley Company is that there are a thousand stories to tell. The bad thing about being in marketing and PR for The Crowley Company is that there are a thousand stories to tell. What a good problem to have!

We recently took the opportunity to “tell” the story of Crowley’s Digitization Services division via video by interviewing four of the division’s key team members: Pat Crowley, Dave Westcott, Meghan O’Brien and Patrick Hill. I’m happy to report that – even after thirteen years – I’m still learning things about the company and I think you will too (and as a bonus, it will only take 18 minutes versus a decade-plus).

Click on the image above to start the four-part digitization services video series

In the series introduction, you meet our four “guides” and get a two-minute insight into what sets the Crowley service bureau apart.

Next up, Pat Crowley, now company president but officially the first-ever Crowley bureau scan operator, talks about how the division came into being.

Pat is followed by Dave Westcott, an industry veteran, who delves into the Crowley advantage and how the different parts of the company (manufacturing, hardware sales, services and technical support) work together to create opportunities and solutions that no other company in the industry can replicate.

The series then features Meghan O’Brien, senior business development manager and imaging specialist, who talks about her sales approach being more about understanding the client’s collection and end-use than signing on the bottom line (although that’s certainly the end goal).

We wrap the series up with Patrick Hill, division director, who expounds on the systems and efficiencies of the production process, talking about how the client benefits from Crowley’s diversity.

We hope you enjoy the series and would love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment, call (240) 215-0224 or request a quote for conversion services.

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