“By digitizing applications and automating the approval process, we have significantly improved crisis response time. We can sort through incoming documents much faster to determine grant amounts as soon as possible.”

— Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties, Laserfiche customer

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Manage Records. Automate Processes. Harness the Full Power of Your Data.

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Laserfiche‘s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software offers your institution a centralized, user-friendly “digital headquarters” for digital records and document collections. Compatible with all media and file types, LaserFiche users can easily centralize digital collections and records into one user-friendly platform to improve data management, efficiency and accelerate workflow processes.

Laserfiche ECM solutions are an excellent tool to conclude any scanning project undertaken with The Crowley Company’s scanners and digitization services to provide uncomplicated, immediate access to your final digital images.

Benefits of Laserfiche

        • User-friendly Platform: Uncomplicated interfaces and intuitive features such as intelligent text searchability
        • Security and Compliance: Data security is imperative. Laserfiche provides secure access for authorized users and provides tools such as redaction to provide further information security
        • Automation: Eliminate tedious manual processes and hasten daily tasks with electronic forms, automated file submission, routing and review
        • Flexibility: Capture, scan and import documents from any original media and in any file format.
        • System Integration: All documents and files can be integrated from various existing systems and physical storage locations to create a centralized information hub
        • Reduce Records Management Cost: Instantly locate documents and automate workflows to free-up and re-allocate staff time for other tasks

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