We are able to save scanned images to an external drive that is transported back to the main processing center where multiple people do the post-processing with the Quantum software. This is a tremendous competitive advantage for our company.

Ryan Candela, Project Manager, Mountain States Imaging

Crowley’s Hybrid Approach

Crowley Imaging Digitizes using QuantumScan;
You Process with QuantumProcess

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Exclusive to The Crowley Company, there is a little-known third option for digitizing microform (microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards): outsourcing the digitization and processing the images in-house. We call this the hybrid approach and it consists of two basic steps:

  1. The client’s source microform media is delivered to Crowley Imaging to be digitized by service bureau professionals using Mekel Technology MACH-series production microform scanners and Mekel’s custom QuantumScan software.
  2. The unprocessed digital images are returned to the client via a predetermined method of transfer, along with the original material. The client then processes and outputs the images in-house using Mekel Technology QuantumProcess software, which can be downloaded on a standard PC. Quantum software licenses can be purchased on a yearly basis or rented for a period of time specified by the client.

Hybrid Approach to Scanning


  • Requires significantly less labor and investment on the part of the client than purchasing a scanner* to perform the digitization in-house
  • Can be much more cost-effective than outsourcing the entire project
  • Requires less labor on the part of Crowley Imaging, resulting in client savings. This cost savings can be allocated toward the purchase or rental of a QuantumProcess software license and the cost of labor to process the images in-house. Surplus funds equal the total amount saved using the hybrid approach.
  • Allows for significant control by the client over image enhancement, quality assurance (QA), processing and final image output
  • Allows the client to return to the unprocessed digital images for re-processing and re-formatting if necessary

*Savings vary. Ask your Crowley representative to provide the most cost-effective options for your particular archive or record collection. As a scanner distributor and manufacturer as well as a conversion bureau, The Crowley Company is in a unique position to offer multiple solutions from a single source

Watch the Hybrid Scanning Video to see the approach in action!

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