ROWE Scan 450i Newspaper, Blueprint, Map and Large Format Scanner

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Developed and manufactured in Germany, the ROWE Scan 450i large format scanner series provides streamlined capture of oversized and wide format loose materials such as maps, blueprints, posters, newspapers and more. Available in three scanning widths (24, 36 and 44 inches) the ROWE Scan 450i uses the combination of advanced hardware and flexible software options to facilitate the fully automatic transformation of original media into perfect digital images.

Advantages of the ROWE Scan 450i Large Format Scanner:


  • High scan quality: Capturing in up to 9600 dpi, the ROWE ScanMatrix+ software includes patented technology which helps operators achieve maximum scan quality
  • Productivity: Combining SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity, in-software image editing, “on-the-fly” document recognition and no scanner downtime, the ROWE 450i large format scanner offers fast scanning for production volumes of wide format materials
  • Multi-functional solutions: Extend your scanner to a multi-functional unit with a variety of add-ons and accessories. Contact Crowley for details on options to get optimal use out of your scanner investment.
  • Minimal operating costs: Made from high-quality materials using world-recognized German workmanship, the ROWE Scan 450i scanner is built to last
  • Three models (24″, 36″, 44″ scan widths)
  • 2400 x 1200 dpi optical
  • No maximum document length
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0. Only ROWE combines ROWE EFFICIENT SCANNING (RES) – a high-performance process of lossless data compression – with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The result is an 1000% increase in data throughput compared to HighSpeed USB 2.0.
  • Immediate operation.  As a result of highly efficient LED light sources, the ROWE 450i scanner is immediately ready to operate, saving time, energy and operation costs
  • In-software image editing. DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM (DIS) reduces the need for rescans by offering post-scan image adjustments such as brightness, contrast and color
  • Automatic width recognition. During the scan process, the width of the document is detected simultaneously to scanning. This protects originals from overuse and saves time.
  • Cloud enabled: ROWE ScanCloud technology links the ROWE Scan 450i large-format scanner with your cloud provider. Simply scan in the QR code e.g. by smartphone, select your cloud as target, start the scan and the file will be immediately transferred to your cloud folder. Simply smart and safe.

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ROWE Scan 450i Large Format Scanner

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