Join us for Crowley’s ALA ScanStudio Happy Hour & Demo

Saturday, June 22nd

5-7 p.m.

Booth 1949

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It’s big, beautiful and it doesn’t fit in a carry on…

…so we’re bringing the Zeutschel ScanStudio to you! We’re inviting 15 ALA Annual Conference attendees to join us for a short happy hour and full demonstration of the ScanStudio’s impressive capabilities. Nestled between a busy conference day and a relaxing dinner, this event will be the perfect opportunity to wind down and learn about a scanner type new to the market before you wind up for a night on the town.

Presenters include:

  • Wolf Christopher Gramatte, Zeutschel GmbH (ScanStudio Overview)
  • Robert Harris, The Crowley Company (Color Accuracy Discussion)
  • Corin Van de Griek, The Crowley Company (ScanStudio Demonstration)

Zeutschel ScanStudio key features: 

  • 50 and 100 megapixel digital back camera options
  • Flexible copy board/cradle/camera/lens configurations to best suit differing media
  • Capture up to 9000 dpi including:
    • All size film negatives and glass plates
    • Bound and loose documents including scrapbooks, ledgers, artwork, manuscripts, correspondence and photographic prints
    • Stamps and other collections with fine detail
    • Maps, blueprints and other large‐format materials
  • A1 model: 23.4″ x 33.1″ scan area
  • A2 model: 16.5″ x 23.4″ scan area
  • Short scan time of .5 seconds
  • Scanning templates and automatic features for increased efficiency
  • OmniScan software by Zeutschel for enhanced editing, processing and job automation
  • FADGI 4 star-rated, full Metamorfoze and ISO 19624-1 images
  • Economy: the combination of studio, scanner, camera and lighting in one unit provides for use flexibility and reduces the need to purchase expensive individual components

For Crowley, it’s more than just talk: we love our Zeutschel ScanStudio demo unit so much that we’ve put it to work in Crowley’s conversion services division with great success. Whether you need manuscript scanning or book scanning, these machines get results.

For full ScanStudio details and features, view the web page here.

For the brochure, click here.

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