Modern microfilm technology is still the first choice for long-term archive storage.

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3441 Silver Film Duplicator

High Quality Film Microfilm
Scanning and Duplication

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The Extek Microsystem’s Model 3441 utilizes the same compact design and film duplicating technology which has been proven over many years. The 3441 is designed to produce high-quality duplicates from old, curled and damaged masters, putting the least possible stress on fragile film. The 3441 works with all types of master films, even those with nitrate or acetate backings.

  • Design simplicity and quality manufacturing account for excellent reliability
  • Duplicates common quality 16mm or 35mm film at 150 feet per minute
  • Convenient threading mechanism permits instant, high-quality operation
  • Low maintenance requirements: most common service can be performed in a matter of minutes
  • Digital speed and exposure readout also available


Film Size: 16mm and 35mm
Film Type:
  • Master: Silver Halide, Diazo or Vesicular
  • Duplicate: Silver Halide
    • Print form (Image reserved)
    • Direct Duplicating (Image not reserved)
    • Film may have sprocket holes; however, sprocket registration is not maintained
Film Capacity: Maximum roll diameter, 10 inches (25cm); diameter of full roll must not exceed five (5) times the core diameter
Duplication Speed: 50 (46 meters) per minute, nominal
Exposure Lamp: 250 W tungsten halogen
Resolution: 180line pairs/mm, minimum
  • 100 to 130 VAC (115V nominal), 60Hz, 6 Amps (3441)
  • 200 to 250 VAC (230V nominal), 50Hz, 3 Amps (3441E)
  • Darkroom operation: allowable light level dependent upon type of duplicating film being used
  • Recommended relative humidity: 65% – 85%
Heat Load:
  • Less than 94- BTU/hr (275W) standby
  • Less than 1710 BTU/hr (500W) when duplicating
Spindle Configuration: 5/16” of 1” spindles, operator changeable
  • Width- 30.5” (77.5cm)
  • Depth- 21.0” (53.5cm)
  • Height-35.0” (88.9cm)
  • 165 lbs. (75kg)
  • Crated for shipping, 225lbs. (116kg)
Optional Features:
  • Digital Readouts: Red LED readouts for running speed (feet or meters/minute) and lamp voltage shows your duplicating conditions at a glance
  • Tacky Roller Film Cleaner (Model TR129): Master Film is cleaned just before duplicating with this environmentally safe attachment. Removes 99% of dust and debris.
  • Film Rewind: Switch-operated bi-directional rewind
  • Work Tables: Clear mounted and fixed poison, heavy-duty tables are available
Spare Parts Kits: Level I (basic) and Level II (comprehensive) spare-parts kits keep your unit running and insure against excessive down time

Specifications subject to change without notice

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