I would like to commend [The] Crowley Company, particularly the support techs, for having the patience and understanding to assist us…and for giving 110% great customer support…it is refreshing to experience such great attention to customer satisfaction.

Engineering Technician, Chicago, IL

Used and Refurbished Scanners

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As a manufacturer, reseller and user of the digitization products, processors and duplicators that Crowley represents, we often have a variety of gently-used capture equipment available at a significant savings. These units have been fully refurbished by Crowley’s technical support technicians and are in good working condition. They encompass:

  • Scanners no longer manufactured (but for which parts and supplies are still available)
  • Demo scanners
  • Trade-ins

All equipment listed is available on a first come/first served basis and includes:

  • The most current software available for the specific unit
  • An “as new” 90-day warranty
  • Optional annual maintenance contract (standard rates apply)

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CAUTION: Is it wise to buy a used Crowley scanner from another source? Read this.