I was impressed by the technology behind the Qidenus book scanners, everything had been considered in constructing the scanner…It was the dream of every digitization provider or librarian, 100% secure digitization.

Salomon Orta, Managing Director, Sivan Mexico

Qidenus Book Scanner Software

Offering a Powerful Book Scanning Software Package

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QiCapture Software Suite

Qiscan Scanning SoftwareDesigned specifically for the Qidenus line of semi-automatic and robotic book scanners, QiCapture Software Suite (formally known as QiScan) is a powerful software package which includes image capturing, image processing, quality control and workflow management. The software incorporates a variety of great features, such as: image capture (scanning or import); image processing/editing; easy frame insertion, removal and rearranging; re-scanning; metadata creation & insertion; batch processing; status monitoring; workflow/job management; quality control; automatic device recognition; export scheduler and more.

The QiCapture Software is designed to speed up every part of the digitization process by increasing throughput while simultaneously increasing output quality. It provides an intelligent workflow paired with a clearly arranged user interface.

Key Features:
  • Real time preview of images
  • SQL Database
  • Large variety of image processing algorithms
  • Execution of image processing scripts
  • Quality control center for scanned images/books
  • Management of different batch processors
  • Color management – ICC profiling
  • OCR – fully searchable text output
  • Data files available a.o: JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PDF, PDF OCR, XML

iCapture Software

The iCapture software from iGuana is designed as a scalable, all-in-one cultural heritage and archive digitization platform for libraries, archives, museums, universities, government, municipalities and other institutions. Used alongside the Qidenus scanners or as a stand alone software, iCapture allows those with wide varieties of cultural heritage & archive materials an easy-to-use interface to scan and process large amounts of images and metadata.

Key Features:
  • Image capture, processing & enhancement
  • Classification and indexing
  • Metadata extraction
  • Export in various formats
  • Process & capture flow management
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Production statistics & monitoring