The Document Archive Writer does a beautiful job of logically ordering and indexing our documents. We can now group images in an intelligent manner. This whole system has made it so much easier for us to record, verify and safeguard all our documents.

Deputy Clerk, Shelby County Probate Office

Imagelink Archive Writing Software

Digitization and Archive Writing Software Applications

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PowerFilm Application Software for Microform Digitization

Imagelink Digital Scanning SystemCompatible with the IMAGELINK 2400/3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner, the PowerFilm Application Software combines a user-friendly interface with a wide range of output, indexing, retrieval and distribution tools. It’s specially designed for batch scanning and digitization of all film formats. It’s also designed for document reconstruction, roll conversion and CD creation using the included CD Publish/CD Retrieve application.

9600 Application Software Kit for Archive Writing

Compatible with the IMAGELINK 9600-Series Archive Writer, the  9600 Application Software Kit makes the process of writing scanned or stored documents to Reference Archive Media simple and efficient with three easy-to-use tools:

  • Electronic Microimager Software – integrated with IMAGELINK Capture Software to facilitate the collection and writing of batches created in centralized and distributed scanning environments
  • 9600 Application Software – optimized to manage a flow of documents from electronic storage media to archive writer output
  • Software Value Pack – supplements the IMAGELINK 9600 Application Software by providing file conversion and integration routines that support many popular file types and indexing schema managed by ECM systems