Modern microfilm technology is still the first choice for long-term archive storage.

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HF Microfilm Processors

The Finest Microfilm Processors

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Microfilm Processing Equipment

MiniLabMaster 200NPDS

  • 16/35mm silver (B&W) dual strand film processor
  • Microprocessor temperature controllers and digital speed readout
  • Adjustable output of up to 40 feet or 12.2 meters per minute

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For more than 50 years, Houston Fearless (HF) Processors has offered unprecedented film processing accuracy and durability in microfilm, motion picture and photo labs worldwide. Today’s HF Processors equipment, now manufactured by The Crowley Company, combines microfilm processor controls with time-tested materials and design features.

Parts & Supplies

The Crowley Company offers a complete array of HF Processor accessories including inspection, replenishment, film loading and chemical mixing systems. For more information on the supplies and accessories available, contact us.