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Direct Purchase, Rental and Financing Options

The Crowley Company offers various purchasing options for prospective scanner hardware owners. Beyond direct purchase and rental options, Crowley partners with trusted financing providers to offer cost-beneficial tax incentives and financing solutions.

Direct Purchase


Buy direct. Easily purchase hardware, software and maintenance support services directly from The Crowley Company via your organization’s standard purchasing process. For those in the government sector, Crowley is an approved contractor; ask your Crowley sales representative for details.

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Rental Options

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For those working on short-term projects or who want to experience the imaging and production capabilities of a specific scanner prior to purchase, Crowley offers rental options for scanners, software and other hardware

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Financing Options

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Financing options offer institutions a vehicle to purchase and use revenue-producing equipment immediately through a budget-friendly payment plan. When paired with tax incentives for equipment and technology acquisitions, the scanner may actually pay for itself.

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