The Document Archive Writer does a beautiful job of logically ordering and indexing our documents. We can now group images in an intelligent manner. This whole system has made it so much easier for us to record, verify and safeguard all our documents.

Deputy Clerk, Shelby County Probate Office

IMAGELINK 9600-Series Archive Writer

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The 9600-series from IMAGELINK safeguards critical digital documents on ISO-standard, archival-quality microfilm media. Microfilm has been demonstrated to last 200 times longer than the anticipated lifespan of information on DVD. Documents stored on microfilm can be part of a system that allows you to search, find and digitize any record. You can future-proof your records management now with the IMAGELINK 9600-series Archive Writer.

  • ISO/ANSI certified 16mm microfilm
  • Accepts standard business file formats (including: Microsoft Word, PPT/PDF, PDF/A, JPEG and TIFF)
  • Easy operation
  • Produces archival-quality bitonal images
  • Media loading facilitated by IMAGELINK Smart Cassette Model 100 and Model 215
  • Images written to one or two 100/215’ cassettes
  • Two cassettes can be used at once to produce two sets of output with no reduction in throughput speed
  • Generates text file indices for populating a Reference Archive database
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